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    © Sichuan Huaxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.     蜀ICP备11001064号    Website  chengdu  

    Addr: Liutai Avenue, Science & Technology Industry Development Park, Strait, Wenjiang District, Chengdu   



    Company Profile


    Sichuan Huaxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaxing Pharmaceutical”) is a Sino-Japanese joint venture. It is a manufacturing and processing base of Chinese proprietary medicine (KBP) registered and sold by Japan Spark Industry Co., Ltd. in Japan. The company also introduced foreign companies. Advanced technology and products, with reference to the management experience of foreign sciences, provide Chinese domestic medicines and other chemical products and other quality products and projects. Huaxing Pharmaceutical was founded in May 1989. The company was formerly Sichuan Huaxing Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the company, Japan Spark Industry Co., Ltd. has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the production, research and research institutes such as the Pharmaceutical School of West China University of Medical Sciences, the West China Affiliated Hospital, and West China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In 2004, it was officially renamed Sichuan Huaxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In the past 20 years, Huaxing Pharmaceutical has made outstanding contributions to the health of the people of the world by exporting proprietary Chinese medicines and carrying out extensive and profound Chinese medicine.

    While Huaxing Pharmaceutical manufactures and exports proprietary Chinese medicine products from Japan Spark Industry Co., Ltd., its leading products include maternal granules, Jinqing cold particles, and pharyngitis tablets. There are also some high-tech new product developments. Soon there will be some products that meet domestic needs. Huaxing Pharmaceutical is located in the Science and Technology Development Park on both sides of the Strait in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, with convenient transportation and away from downtown. The factory has a beautiful environment, fresh air, no pollution sources around and low atmospheric dust content, providing a good natural environment for pharmaceutical production. With reliable reputation, professional and technical personnel, advanced production and quality management experience from abroad, and new advanced production equipment, the company undertakes external processing business. Huaxing's stable product quality and cooperation spirit have been recognized by industry peers.

    Corporate philosophy: "Integrity, innovation, details determine success or failure!"

    Company's goal: "Committed to the internationalization of Chinese medicine, and strive to contribute to the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine"!