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    Health knowledge


    Prevention of hot and cold during the spring and summer

    At the turn of spring and summer, although the weather began to heat, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is still very large, at noon the sun will cast a very strong heat, may still wear short-sleeved sweating, and night, night winds, may also be covered The last coat will not feel cold. This is the characteristic of this season. Therefore, a hot and cold, it will lead to a decline in human resistance, and the decline in resistance gives bacteria and viruses an opportunity, so this season is a season of high cold.

    Since we already know that spring and summer are the season of high incidence of cold, then we can begin to carry out active prevention. Even the best treatment for therapies is not even better, so the concept of prevention greater than treatment should be rooted in Everyone has deep ideas, so how many people will reduce the pain of the disease.

    When the weather was hot, air conditioning had to be turned on. No matter whether it was an office or home, there was no air conditioning. It felt very uncomfortable. However, air conditioning can give people a cool and comfortable environment, but it also caused an increase in the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Can easily lead to wind and cold.

    The hot midday heat is inevitable. The coolness of the night cannot be changed. It is also necessary to use air-conditioners. We cannot change these objective conditions. We must achieve the goal of preventing colds and only make our own body stronger. The Great Wall of Immunity in our body is unbreakable, so that we can survive this spring and summer.

    How to improve resistance and immunity? Next, give everyone some suggestions.

    1, add enough protein. Proteins are an important source of antibodies. To increase resistance and immunity, it is recommended to supplement high-quality proteins.

    2, eat more fruits to add vitamin C, VC is a natural antibiotic, mainly in fruits and vegetables, so it is recommended to eat more.

    3, proper physical exercise, exercise can enhance physical fitness, but also can increase resistance, swimming, climbing, yoga, tai chi and so are all very good sports.